Joining The Baxter Alumni Web Group

First you need to know that this group is not affiliated with the Baxter Alumni Association, which is managed by Albert Amos and Mary Wilson. We would strongly recommend you join them as well, as they have annual reunions. Email one of us and we will forward your email to them.
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For bravepages, that site is not a Member-restricted site. Anyone should be able to view it. That site is currently being revamped by me (Debbie), and the process makes these pages VERY messed up right now. It can be viewed at

Currently, the �In Memoriam� is working with only a couple of flaws. I am working on this site on a daily basis, so you will see things change frequently.

We are considering leaving Yahoo, and offering a message board on our bravepages web site, eliminating all Yahoo nicknames.If you would still like to get on the list, this is how you do it.

1) The easiest, and best way to join right now is to start off with a Yahoo nickname. If you have one, skip to step 2.
A. You can click on and look for �Sign in� in the upper right corner, or just follow this link, it is where the �sign in� link will take you: Click on �Sign Up Now.�

B. Fill out the form, and with THIS FORM, be honest. Write down your password for your benefit. Uncheck the box that says �send me promotional offers�.etc� . Type the word or letters that is provided in the box at the bottom of the page. Click �Submit this form� and see what Yahoo says.

C. If you have a form come up that says �someone has already chosen that Yahoo name� just try again. You can select one of the selected names, or make another one up, and fill out that form AGAIN (I know it is a pain) until a screen comes up with �Registration Completed�.

I would suggest un-checking the box that says �Yes, personalize my browser with Yahoo! Companion toolbar.� (It is just another way to tie up your computer with their stuff.) When you click �Continue to Yahoo� you will be taken back to the beginning Yahoo link (that�s listed in 1a), except now you will be signed in.

2) This step is to join ANY �Yahoo Group�.
a) Now go to �Groups� on that Yahoo page and click on that. It should take you to this page
b) For our group, type �Baxter Alumni� in the search box, and 3 groups will appear.
c) �baxtersspringsschools� , the second one, is ours. If you click on it, you should get this link

3) To join our group, click on �Join this group�.Fill out the provided form by clicking on the various choices. I have two suggestions while you do this. I would NOT hide your email address from moderators. This is just a security feature for Yahoo groups. It keeps you from responding from your email. Many like to do this.
Also, I would select �receive a daily digest� otherwise you may get a series of emails about things that you don�t particularly care to read (other posts). A Daily Digest just sends you all the NEW posts (if there are any) to your email once a day in the form of one email.

Click �join� and you will get a message saying that a moderator has to approve your membership. This is because we receive/reject about 10-15 porn and foreign unknown applications a month, and we feel this is for Baxter alumni only. You will receive an automatic-information letter sent from Bill Loeffler, and his letter will ask you to either a) fill out your public profile through Yahoo, or b)send him your name (including maiden name or name you were known at BHS, email, and alumni year) by email. I would recommend the second step�it�s more confidential. We will then �Accept� and add your name to the other Web Page as a member.Good luck!

Email us if you have questions or problems.